2018 YNOT? Chardonnay
2018 YNOT? Chardonnay

2018 YNOT? Chardonnay

Many of you know our YNOT? Pinot Noir poured by the glass at popular restaurants. By popular demand, we released our first YNOT? Chardonnay. Michelle Ball gave our second label, YNOT?, a fresh look to match the fresh flavors of our Chablis-style Chardonnay. The perfect afternoon sipper, our Chardonnay shows notes of limestone and sun-kissed yellow grapefruit on the nose. Enjoy the lean body with texture, especially the bright fruit on the mid-palate. Bring a picnic to our tasting room and enjoy a glass on our garden patio. Pairs well with ceviche, Gouda or smoked rainbow trout. 


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