A Tribute to Griff

A Tribute to Griff

Our latest tasting room exhibit features a tribute to my beloved father, William Francis Roelofson Griffith III (Griff), who is turning 90 on July 16th. I prefer to acknowledge loved ones while they can get enjoyment out of it too. My father gave me his rodeo gear decades ago and finally it's proudly on display. Visit our "Eqwinery" exhibit, which includes artwork, photos, gear and memorabilia from rodeo, polo (my godsons David and Harrison Samaniego and Memo Gracida), and riding to hounds (me).

When my father started raising children at the age of 23, he had a sense of responsibility and stopped riding bulls and broncs. He'd been riding in rodeos since his mid teens and eventually became rodeo boss at Univ. of AZ. He also was featured riding a bull on a popular national post card. He has lots of metal in his body but his memory was pretty keen until just a few years ago. We'll give him some slack for now needing "memory care." He beat his peers by a long shot with really late-onset Alzheimer’s in his late 80s. I'm sure glad he stopped riding bulls so that we had adventures together, e.g. camping in national parks, cruising on his yacht to the Bahamas and more recently hiking in the Amazon. He'll always be my hero!

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