Down to Earth Month 2024

Down to Earth Month 2024

Earth Day/Month Celebration
Saturday, April 20, 1pm-4pm
Flying Goat Cellars Tasting Room & Art Salon
1520 E. Chestnut Court, 
Lompoc, CA 

Join us in our annual celebration of Earth Day/Month! "Planet vs Plastics" is the theme of Earth Day this year and we'll be sharing some of our efforts toward sustainability. We proudly source from regenerative and sustainable vineyards and have sustainable practices in the cellar and tasting room. We practice backyard beekeeping, drought tolerant gardening and vermiculture, while living in an eco-friendly geodesic dome. We also live and work in the City of Lompoc, which is known for its sustainable energy, water, wastewater and recycling investments.

The photo shows beekeeper (and winemaker) Norm Yost extracting bees from a utility meter with a gentle bee vacuum. The bees are clustered around their comb and queen on the inside of the lid being held up by a pitch fork. We offer bee extractions and education for the community. Lompoc Valley Beekeepers demonstration hive will be at our celebration to delight children of all ages. 

This year we're also including former Flying Goat cellar master Jeff Hendrickson, who will be on site to share his exciting new local program BridgeHouse Farm “Growing Hope.” The Good Samaritan’s Farm Venture has two primary goals: First, provide fresh fruit and produce to the Good Samaritan Shelter system county-wide. Second, provide agriculture vocational training for current clients within the BridgeHouse shelter system. Learn how you can get involved.

“Down to Earth” is the annual CA Wine Institute campaign that "highlights California’s commitment to sustainable viticulture and winemaking through environmental stewardship, economic impact, social equity and community engagement." Flying Goat Tasting Room Ambassadors recently received certificates in the CA Sustainable Winegrowing Ambassador Course and they look forward to sharing their knowledge and the company’s best practices with you.

The 3 E's often used to explain sustainability are:

  1. Environmentally Sound: This is what usually comes to mind when you think of sustainable agriculture; e.g. drip irrigation, cover crops and solar panels.
  2. Socially Equitable: This is all about taking care of your people and community, e.g. making the area where one does business a better place and improving employees' lives.
  3. Economically Sound: Economic sustainability is often overlooked but equally important. If one can't stay in business, then their operation will not be sustainable!






California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA) defines sustainable winegrowing as 1) producing high quality grapes and wines, 2) protecting and enhancing the environment, 3) being a good neighbor and employer, and 4) maintaining a thriving long-term business.

Lompoc Valley Beekeepers Association (LVBKA) is a community organization that brings together passionate beekeepers in the Lompoc Valley. The group of beekeepers are unpaid volunteers who remove swarms as a community service. LVBKA also seeks to help others learn more about honey bees and those interested in beekeeping become established and responsible apiarists. Some members participate in community education programs and can bring an observation hive into a classroom or to a club meeting. LVBKA is involved in community education through Allan Hancock College courses and encourages anyone interested in bees (regardless whether you'd like to be a beekeeper) to consider taking one of the AHC classes. LVBKA has members who are trained and experienced in the removal of swarms and established hives from a variety of different venues. If you'd like to become a beekeeper, LVBKA can mentor you as you learn to be a responsible beekeeper. Members have access to a library of books, magazines and videos that are available for loan.


Photos from Down to Earth Celebration 2023 event: 


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