Witches Paddle

Witches Paddle

We love Halloween & Day of the Dead! It's a playful time of year that also inspires us to reflect on our dearly departed friends and family. To get in a ghoulish spirit, we participated in the annual Witches Paddle on Morro Bay last Sunday. We joined in with hundreds of other witches and warlocks on a sunny but very breezy day. Cackling reverberated across the water. The pageantry of costumes and decked out watercraft was magical. 

These holidays coincide with Autumn, when the morning air is crisp and the vines begin to shut down. We finally feel a change of seasons on the Central Coast. We're winding up our harvest and looking forward to the next phase in the winemaking process. Norm is really excited about the 2023 vintage. With the extended hang time, the wines are already showing elegance and structure at an early age.  


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