La Purisima Mission Winemaker Dinner with Chef Clark Staub

La Purisima Mission Winemaker Dinner with Chef Clark Staub

Flying Goat celebrated its fourteenth intimate dining experience in the romantic, rustic setting of the historic Franciscan mission located outside of Lompoc at La Purísima State Historic Park on October 1, 2021. The rich cultural ambiance of the mission set the stage for Chef Clark Staub of Full of Life Foods to provide an authentic early 19th century meal paired with the tasty wine of Flying Goat. Winemaker Norm Yost poured Goat Bubbles sparkling wine in the mission garden, followed by a flight of his finest wines paired with four tasty courses in the nearby dining room. Thanks to all of our guests who joined Norm in celebrating 21 years since he founded Flying Goat Cellars. We're finally legal to drink our own wine! 




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Sandy Mills on

What a fantastic meal! The dinner at La Purisima gets better every time! We can’t wait till next year!

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