Nancy Yaki Reception & Exhibit:

Nancy Yaki Reception & Exhibit: "She's Back!"

Artist Reception
Friday, July 14, 4-6pm
Flying Goat Cellars 
Tasting Room & Art Salon

1520 E. Chestnut Court, Unit A
Lompoc, CA 

Flying Goat is excited to present a new installation by Nancy Yaki, who is back in action after a serious health setback. "She's Back!" with all the bold, brilliant flair that she has always expressed in her artwork. Come by to meet Nancy and purchase her lovely originals or prints at an artist reception on Friday, July 14th, from 4-6pm. Her art will be on display at the Flying Goat Tasting Room & Art Salon, located at 1520 E. Chestnut Ct. in Lompoc, through August.

Nancy Yaki has a taste for adventure. The Alaska/California based artist feels most at home wherever she can find the powerful elements of nature and translate them into works of art. Traveling with her watercolors to capture scenes on-site, she might be sailing the Aleutian Islands or trekking in the high western desert. 

Internationally known for her daring, contemporary evocative style, Nancy regularly embarks on these far-flung journeys for artistic inspiration.  After amassing raw material along the way in the form of her watercolor sketches, Nancy returns to her studio and carefully curates the most compelling images to transform into larger works. Although her work elicits many comparisons to historical and contemporary masters, Nancy’s work is simultaneously acknowledged as stunningly original and inventive.

Nancy’s work has been published worldwide and has earned multiple international awards. She has been featured in art textbooks and major art periodicals, as well as countless museums and gallery exhibitions.

"Blueberry Moon" is on display with other original art pieces at Flying Goat Cellars Tasting Room in Lompoc. Acrylic on Canvas - 30" x 36"


More background about Nancy Yaki:

To behold the art of Nancy Yaki is to experience a moment captured from a lifelong, far-reaching journey. Born of a New World union of Native American and French-Canadian, Nancy’s artistic spirit is infused with the regeneration of nature and keen, animistic perception. Nancy received national acclaim while still in high school, receiving the prestigious Scholastic Arts Gold Medal for excellence in acrylic painting.

After attending Wesleyan University’s CCY program and enrolling at the Paier School of Art, Nancy traveled extensively, absorbing both humanity and nature. Her adventures took her to Africa, Eurasia, the Mediterranean, Peru and Haiti (both during Civil Wars.) She found a new home in Alaska where the wild, raw land and life resonated with her art. Working as a commercial fisher-woman and carpenter, a skill she inherited from her family, Nancy simmered at the intersection of vast nature and organic, purposeful design. Here she began to define the striking, contemporary style that became her well-known signature throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Never content to repeat herself, Nancy morphed easily through media and ideas. Her body of work ranges from photorealistic detail to bold non-representation, representing an evolution of over three decades as a professional artist. Nancy’s works have been internationally published on book covers, in calendars, date books and greeting cards, and have also been selected to appear in many periodicals including American Artist and Art in America.

Nancy was awarded 2nd place from the International Society of Acrylic Painters and a Merit Award from the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society for her piece titled, “El Capitan State Park.” Her painting “Moss Cove” has been selected for publication in North Light Books’ first annual AcrylicWorks: Best of Acrylic competition. Her piece, “Canopy of Halos,” was top choice for Syracuse Cultural Workers 2013 publications and she was a finalist in the landscape division of the 28th Annual International Art Competition held by The Artist’s Magazine in 2011.

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