"Best Blanc de Noirs"

Feeling a desire to go down a bubbly rabbit hole this week? So are we...as is the tasting department at Wine Enthusiast. Our 2019 Goat Bubbles Ampelos Vineyard made the sweet sixteen playoffs in their list of '16 Sparkling Wines to Pop Right Now' (https://www.wineenthusiast.com/.../best-sparkling-wines/) as the "Best Blanc de Noirs"! This particular vintage has a light character, bubbly mousse, and electric twinge of saucy lemon pudding cake that can turn any occasion into a toast-worthy celebration. Join us in this esteemed salute to Ampelos: the first vineyard in America to be certified as biodynamic, organic, and sustainable in practice. Cheers to Wonderland and all that lies beyond!

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