Vineyard Update July 2022

Vineyard Update July 2022

As of mid July, veraison is on for sparkling wine fruit in Solomon Hills Vineyard, Santa Maria Valley AVA. The photo above shows Solomon Hills Vineyard Pinot Noir Clone 23, used for our Goat Bubbles Rosé. It has a much larger cluster compared to the 2A at Rio Vista Vineyard, shown below. 

Solomon Hills Vineyard July 2022
This is a beautiful summer day at Solomon Hills Vineyard, looking north from our block for Goat Bubbles.

Rio Vista Vineyard July 2022
Tiny clusters of Pinot Noir fruit are peaking through after the curtain of leaves have been removed by hand at Rio Vista Vineyard. 

This is Rio Vista Vineyard Pinot Noir Clone 2A used in our Goat Bubbles Brut Cuvée. The vineyard crew just started pulling leaves to open up the fruit zone for more sunlight. 

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