Wine Donation to Lompoc Healthcare Workers

Wine Donation to Lompoc Healthcare Workers

Norm and I launched a campaign to donate wine to our local frontline healthcare workers and support staff a couple of weeks ago. Within a week we had collected over 36 cases of wine from local wineries to deliver to the Lompoc Valley Medical Center. With the help of Jeremy and Michelle Ball from Good Morning Lompoc and Barbara Satterfield from Sta. Rita Hills Winegrowers a total of 18 wineries joined us with generous donations.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we felt that it was important to recognize the increased health risk and stress for our local healthcare workers. When we delivered our Santa Barbara County wine club allocations earlier in the month, we came to realize how many of our members work in the essential industries, especially healthcare. We wanted to recognize their tireless work and express gratitude for all they do in our community with some liquid local sunshine or "Lompoc love"! 

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