Goat Bubbles Pinot Meunier

Goat Bubbles Pinot Meunier

We released our first Goat Bubbles made from Pinot Meunier (2021 vintage) to wine club members in early September 2023. It was quickly dubbed “Barbie Bubbles” due to the playful pink label and wax top. The Extra Brut sparkler, which is already very popular, is available exclusively to wine club members. Memberships are available.

Pinot Meunier is most commonly used as a blending grape in Champagne. It is a light and aromatic red variety with a good amount of juicy fruit that adds acidity and fresh, fruity flavors. Winemaker Norm Yost first tasted Pinot Meunier as a 100% varietal sparkler when he participated in an elite Champagne and sparkling wine event in Los Angeles. He was intrigued by the unique fruity expression and graceful palate of the French grower wines. Later Yost acquired fruit from Riverbench Vineyard, the only source in Santa Barbara County. “Seeking to further push the boundaries of méthode champenoise sparkling wine production in Santa Barbara County, I decided to handcraft my own expression of Pinot Meunier,” Yost explained.

Club Celebrate is Flying Goat’s wine club dedicated to Goat Bubbles. It offers four new releases during the year and three levels of membership/discounts. Releases include Rosé, Crémant, Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs (two expressions), Brut Cuvée or Pinot Meunier, which are available exclusively to wine club members. Goat Bubbles are made in the traditional méthode champenoise at Flying Goat’s facility in Lompoc. Each bottle is handcrafted, riddled, disgorged, waxed and labeled with love. Goat Bubbles make a superb complement to food and are a great way to celebrate those everyday wonders and achievements.  Yost recommends “Celebrate your Greatest Of All Times with GOAT Bubbles!”

A tasting flight of Goat Bubbles includes 5 sparklers for $35 and is available at the tasting room Thursday-Monday 11am-4pm. With each 3 bottle purchase, one tasting flight is complimentary. Flying Goat Cellars Tasting Room is located at 1520 East Chestnut Court in Lompoc, CA. 

Winemaker Norm Yost is the “OG” (Old Goat) of bubbles in Santa Barbara County. In 2005, he launched the first sparkling wine program with Goat Bubbles Rosé. As the program grew, Yost launched a bubbles wine club (Club Celebrate) and a bubbles tasting flight. His family of méthode champenoise sparklers now includes Crémant, Rosé, Brut Cuvée, Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs (2 expressions) and Pinot Meunier. The 2015 Goat Bubbles Blanc de Noirs Bien Nacido Vineyard illustrates the ageability of Yost’s sparklers, which is typical of fine Champagne.

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