Ambassador Faye Walker

Ambassador Faye Walker

I invite you to meet our latest Tasting Room Ambassador Faye Walker. Faye has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from UCSB and loves to geek out on the science of wine so I'll be sharing her musings with you. See below for links to her recent musings. In the meantime, please meet Faye's more poetic side as she introduces herself to Flying Goat fans. Be sure to stop in and visit her soon. 

Faye writes:

The name Faye relocates the Middle English term for "fairy" into the silver-tinged zeitgeist of Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway. The origin of my name, rather than the power of Morgan le Fay or glamour of Hollywood, stems from an eponymous family friend. This Fae befriended my mother when my parents moved to Oregon from California's San Fernando Valley, picked crab apples every fall to bake her first homemade pie of the holiday season, and gifted me a sheepskin rug that she carried to America after serving as a missionary in Africa. She overflows with conscious fortitude as a woman who will bring a plate of sugar cookies to new neighbors or organize a Swedish dinner for 14 family members. Fae has taught me that life's experiences are joyful, awkward, and bigger than our own gestures could account for.

In my own reckoning with life, I've developed everything from research proposals for genetic detection systems to sharpie-lined graffiti tags. Impossibly enough, my first visit to the Flying Goat was a result of successfully surviving a four-hour onsite job interview in Lompoc. One glance at the emblem of pygmy goats with a promise of bubbles, and I was in--hook, line, and sinker.  Other winemakers and wineries have captured my attention in the intervening years, but none could equal the nuances and full range of feelings that emerge in the expression of Norm Yost's vintages. Becoming part of the wine club brought on a celebratory reverie, but joining the goat herd as a tasting room ambassador has been downright dreamy. Come visit the Lompoc wine ghetto whenever you're in need of a contemporary riff on Shakespeare or a lampoon on bloodborne pathogens!


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